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Financial Report for July/August 2019

Finance Report As you can see  from  the  Financial Report Summary below for May, our church went into a hole for May Year-to-Date by almost $8,500.  While this is a lot of money, the people of Lakeview are continuing to give generously but by a little less than what is needed.  The actual expenses for May Year-to-Date were $15,000 under budget, which is very helpful.  Summer seems to be a difficult time for giving but I believe the people of…

It’s Not about Us

2 Kings 5:1-14 by Carolyn M. Anderson Just as it often is for us today, God’s instructions come to Naaman from a most unlikely source. He responds just as we sometimes do, allowing his pride to get the best of him and therefore not doing exactly what the young Israelite girl has said. Rather than following the guidance God is sending, Naaman decides to go to the authority figures, hoping to get what only God can give. Since the letter…