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Financial Report for July/August 2019

Finance Report As you can see  from  the  Financial Report Summary below for May, our church went into a hole for May Year-to-Date by almost $8,500.  While this is a lot of money, the people of Lakeview are continuing to give generously but by a little less than what is needed.  The actual expenses for May Year-to-Date were $15,000 under budget, which is very helpful.  Summer seems to be a difficult time for giving but I believe the people of…

It’s Not about Us

2 Kings 5:1-14 by Carolyn M. Anderson Just as it often is for us today, God’s instructions come to Naaman from a most unlikely source. He responds just as we sometimes do, allowing his pride to get the best of him and therefore not doing exactly what the young Israelite girl has said. Rather than following the guidance God is sending, Naaman decides to go to the authority figures, hoping to get what only God can give. Since the letter…

The Still Small Voice May Be Your Own

2 Kings 2:1- 2, 6- 14 by Darlene Saunders Ousley My mom likes to tell the story about my request for an extra seat at the table for my invisible friend Jesus) when I was four or five years old. She honored my request – even though our dinner table already had ten places set. During dinner I regularly conversed with “my friend,” being sure to ask if he wanted peas or chicken. She never questioned my behavior. God’s presence…
Book Club

On the Shelf for June 22nd

Welcome to Betty Barrick Library   We have a large amount of books and DVDs available.  The book that I have been reading is a fast read and gives a good idea of how the West was during the Civil War period.   Love’s Rescue (Book 1) by Tammy Barley It is about a Southern family who moves from Kentucky to find a place in a town in Carson City, Nevada.  Tragedy strikes the family due to an anti-Southern faction which…


Friends A Friend is one, who “know us” – our guilt and our shame – Regardless of our many sins Friends love us just the same. Years ago, I wrote those lines trying to describe “Friends.” Tell me:  what is your version? – “Your wisdom, never ends.” “A Friend in need, is a friend, indeed” – as the old “saying” goes – Friendship is much more than that – as anybody knows. – We have all kinds, so many Friends…

When Life is Tough

Read Psalm 42:1-6 by F. Belton Joyner The psalmist knew what it was to live in the desert. Life itself depended on finding water that kept flowing, even in the midst of the summer’s driest heat. That’s the kind of relationship we seek with God: a fountain that flows when our souls are thirsty, a presence that is real even when we do not feel it. If God’s love is like an ever-flowing river, sometimes it seems that the flow…
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Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

June is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month Join Us June 19th, 2019 10:30am –11:30am for: Fact or Fiction: The Truth About Alzheimer’s Disease Be part of an interactive group where we sort through the “noise” and learn the facts about Alzheimer’s Disease. Banner Sun Health Research Institute Morin Auditorium 10515 W. Santa Fe Dr , Sun City Please register at: BSHRI.Eventbrite.com Refreshments provided Attendance is free, but space is limited  

Heifer Update – Gift Ark

Gift Ark As of yesterday, the balance of funds for the “Gift Ark” was $1338.50. That awakened a number of the animals that are designated to go on this voyage. They are anxious to get started in helping poor and hungry folks find the help they need and deserve. Collection banks and envelopes are available in the Narthex, Chapel and Smoot Hall. Please avail yourself to these so these animals can be on their way. In Guatemala, Zacharías was introduced…
Book Club

On the Shelf for June 15

Welcome to Betty Barrick Library  I just finished a wonderful new book that you will want to read. Hurricane Season by Lauren K. Denton It is a story about two sisters that grew close to each other due to their parents’ partiality to Betsy, while Jenna was their unacceptable wild daughter. Jenna receives a two week paid vacation to Halycon Art Retreat from her friend Max to study photography. She quits her job at Full Cup in Nashville and arrives…

I Like To Be In The Middle

In tribute to our youngest daughter who left early (March 2019) to be in the middle of the Heavenlies. Hearing the patter of her small feet, I glanced at the glowing clock.  Five a.m. it read.  Instinctively I slid over to the center of the bed knowing that our little morning visitor was on her way.  She was too big for pajamas with feet in, so she claimed; and with lowered night temperatures and a nightly ritual of kicking off…

Temptations and Consequences

1 Kings 21:1-10 by Luis F. Reyes How easy would it be to give up your heritage? If someone in a position of power asked you to give up a personal possession, how would you respond? In our story, Naboth answers King Ahab’s request for his vineyard by saying that “the LORD forbid that I should give you my ancestral inheritance. “We should never be asked to give up our heritage, which includes our cultures and traditions. The vineyard is…

Heifer Update for June 8th

$19,942.00 That is the amount the congregation and friends of LUMC have donated to the Heifer Project. We have just completed “The Buzz.”  This program brought in $1,323.00 with which we donated 44 Hives of Honeybees.  Now, THAT is a lot of Buzz.  Thank you to all who participated in this program in any way. A new program started a week ago, the “Gift Ark.”  We are going to load our ark two by two, until we reach our objective.…
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