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Assisted Activities for Your Loved One

Assisted Activities Doc’s Hangout provides a great time of fun and fellowship for your loved ones who require a bit of supervision and guidance to be able to participate in this weekly two hour program. The workers in this ministry love the participants, and they love to involve them in a variety of games, crafts, music, and snacks.  The two hours go by fast and they meet from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm every Friday in Fellowship Hall. Give your…

On the Shelf for May 2019

  Welcome to the Betty Barrick Library! These movies are available in our DVD section 1)  An Interview With God It is about a young journalist who returns from covering the war in Afghanistan.  Everything in his life is falling apart when he decides to interview God! 2)  Indivisible It is based on a true story of an army chaplain who is deployed to Afghanistan. When he returns home he is suffering from post war trauma.  He has a hard…

Heifer Update for May 2019

Heifer International A lot has happened since my last update. Many generous donations have been received from you, the congregation of the Lakeview United Methodist Church. Here is the  summary  of  those donations. In February you donated 13 Gifts of Honeybees, a Flock of Hope, a Pig and sent 3 Girls to School. In March you donated 5 Gifts of Honeybees and 2 Flocks of Chicks. Then Heifer International “Passed the Gift.” They doubled the donation of 3 Gifts of…

Vacation Bible School

How badly do you want to be like Jesus? At Vacation Bible School  2019, not only will you have fun, food, and fellowship, but you can discover the fierce passion of our early Christian brothers and sisters to walk with Jesus – even when the path becomes treacherous. We will follow Ray Vander Laan, of the That the World May Know film series, as he guides us through the land of the Bible. In this study you will learn to…

May Thank You’s

Caring for our Soul We wish to thank the church members for their heartwarming                                     cards,  concerns and prayers regarding my past illness, but most of all your prayers.  It has been a tough first quarter of 2019 for us but      with your love and thoughtfulness we are weathering the storm. The days get long lying in a hospital bed or recuperating at home, but your caring has lifted our spirits and helped the healing process.      Thank you, Connie…

The End of the Pier

The End of the Pier There’s an old Irish saying when you say, “How are you doin” – – they say, “sure, and I’m comin to the end of the pier” I thought about it and it’s kind of neat! We’re all walking along the pier – – Sometimes we stop and make friends Along the way, or help someone whose fallen down. The only Rule is we can’t go back, only forward. Now, some fall off the pier before…

Tales from the Mountain – May 2019

Pastor John’s View I knew it was going to be a great camp out when we piled out of the cars at Lockwood Springs to see a black bear loping away from the springs. Lockwood Springs was a favorite spot for Boy Scout Troop 33, and I was an assistant senior patrol leader that year. Boy, were we excited at the rare treat to see a bear! Well, everyone but Lyndall Rhodes, that is. He wasn’t even a tenderfoot, but…

May Financial Report

Finance Report As you  can  see  from  the  Financial Report Summary below for March, our church is about $11,000 behind year-to-date, as compared to February where Lakeview was $10,000 behind year-to-date. This is good news because the giving in March increased overall which helped Lakeview to stop the decline from the previous two months.  I know we did go into the hole another $1,000 but I am praying that giving will continue to be strong and Lakeview will continue eating…

I Shall Not Want

John 10:22-30 by Kim Poolet Growing up in the Texas panhandle, my family drove many miles across wide open spaces for vacations or to visit family. My brother would read and I would sleep. My grandmother sat between us to keep peace in the backseat. After a while the monotony of the miles would take its toll, and one of us would start the eternal questions: “Are we there yet?” “How much longer?” We were impatient passengers along for the…

On the Shelf for April 27th

Betty Barrick Library About one month ago at TNT, we had a presentation entitled Mercy Ships. They donated the Ships of Mercy book by Don Stephens. It is a very interesting book. It discusses in more detail how they came about. These ships brought healing and people helping the poor by showing them how to farm with better results. They trained some of the native doctors on medical and dental procedures. They also helped to repair or build new hospitals,…

Heifer Update for April 27th

Heifer International Hebrews 6:10 tells us this: “God is not unjust, He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them.” Now here are two more examples from Heifer International: You can see it in their eyes and smiles. And don’t you just love it, the thing that is mentioned most, “education”. They all want a better life for their children. And together we can give…
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