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Assisted Activities for Your Loved One

Assisted Activities Doc’s Hangout provides a great time of fun and fellowship for your loved ones who require a bit of supervision and guidance to be able to participate in this weekly two hour program. The workers in this ministry love the participants, and they love to involve them in a variety of games, crafts, music, and snacks.  The two hours go by fast and they meet from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm every Friday in Fellowship Hall.           Give your…

A Play within the Play

Isaiah 42:1-9 by W Paul Jones The church divides its year into two “rehearsal” periods for a drama that discloses the meaning of everything. The plot unfolds in three acts: promise/ gift/response. The first rehearsal is titled Advent/Christmas/Epiphany and the second Lent/Easter/Pen­tecost. During the intervening thirty-plus weeks, we live out that drama in our “ordinary” daily life. Thus Lent crescendos this week as a play within the play. Excitement is rampant as we dress for our parts, ready to pass…
FromThe Desk Pastor John

Pastor John’s View for April 2019

Pastor John’s View In February, we spent our Sundays together talking about prayer; why we pray, having a love for prayer, and having a burden to pray for others. For some, prayer comes  very  naturally,  easily flowing into a conversation with God, but for many prayer takes a bit of preparation, work, and planning. If you missed one or more of these messages, they are available in the Archives, along with a large library of other information, videos, and activities.…

April Financial Report

Finance Report As  you  can  see  from  the Financial Report Summary below for February, our church is about $10,000 behind to Date.  Although February did not fall as far behind as January, it was behind by $4,300.  All the departments within the church held the line for February expenses and even came in $4,000 below budget; the area where we, as a congregation, need to work a little harder is on the giving end.  The good news is that Lakeview…
Book Club

On the Shelf for March 30

On the Shelf at the Betty Barrick Library We have a new book   – Isaiah’s Daughter by Mesu Andrews It’s about a young girl named Ishma, who has been rescued from a bunch of Israeli soldiers who invaded Judah and took over 200 captives back to Samaria. Micah is the man who rescued Yoira and Ishma. He took them to Isaiah’s home in Jerusalem. In Jerusalem, King Ahaz is busy making human sacrifices to Molech, a heathen god imported from…

Heifer Update for March 30

Heifer Bees Bee Quiz – How do bees communicate? Telepathically A Secret Language Called “bee-alese” By Dancing You, the congregation and friends of Lakeview United Methodist Church, are in step with a number of distinguished people. Presidential families Eisenhower, Bush, Clinton and Bartlett have at least one thing in common. They like Heifer International. In 1957, President Eisenhower donated several of his prize Angus cattle to a Heifer project in Greece. In 1972, he donated a bull to a relief…

On the Shelf for April

Welcome to the Betty Barrick Library! We have two new books in here that our readers would like to read. Eleanor, A Spiritual Biography by Harold Ivan Smith (UMW) In                          this book you will discover her life from when she was                          a child until her death in 1962.  It starts out with her                          grandmothers’ idea that she was ugly compared to the                           other Roosevelt ladies.  They made her go to an Episcopal                          Church, plus take…


PALS Tip Make friends with your neighbors. Oftentimes, we don’t have family nearby when medics and others need relevant information for our care. A neighbor can be responsible for passing along the names and phone numbers of family members in order to help move professional care givers along smoothly. Also, Boswell Hospital has Vials of Life in which pertinent information can be stored to direct care givers to call doctors, legal representatives and family members when necessary.
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Holy Friendship

Isaiah 50:4-9a by Pam ela Hawkinst As we approach the end of the Lenten journey, I am stopped at the beginning of verse 7 of this chapter from Isaiah : “I have set my face like flint …. ” Through the prophet’s imagery, I imagine the face of Jesus, jaw jutting forward and eyes strong, as the time draws near to complete the journey begun earlier, when he first “set his face to go to Jerusalem” (Luke 9:51) . I…

Heifer Update March 23

Heifer Bees Bee quiz:  How fast can a bee fly? A. 15 MPH B.  20 MPH C.  35 MPH Now an article taken from a Heifer International Catalog, titled “Honey Bees Sweeten Life in Ecuador”.  Aideé Maria Tomalá Catuto grew up in Ecuador without electricity or clean water and she despaired that her children were growing up in the same poverty. Aideé was determined to make their lives different and ambitiously started to keep bees, but her hives didn’t produce…
Book Club

On the Shelf for March 23

Welcome to the Betty Barrick Library! We have a book that our readers will enjoy. A New House is a Big Deal by Tim Holt This book is geared for children and young adults.  This will be a good book for adults to read to their children.  It talks of moving to a new place and going to Mexico to help another family build a new house.

1Mission Trip 2019

1Mission Trip to Puerta Peñasco 2019 On Friday, March 1, 2019, the United Methodist Church Desert Southwest Conference sent groups of people to Puerta Peñasco for a 1Mission house building project. Lakeview United Methodist Church and Willowbrook United Methodist Church joined forces to send seven people on this mission: Eileen Pike, Bob and Debbie Unternaehrer, Jim and Carole Smith (LUMC youth group members), Glenn Allinger and Harold Glick. These seven workers joined “Team One” of four building crews, that range…
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