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Presence and Protection (part 2)

Luke 16:19-31 Jesus reminds us that this world is a place where we must respond to God’s command to care for others spiritually and materially. God uses people and situations to challenge our greed and apathy, and we must respond in the here and now. The rich man pleads for his brothers still living in ignorance and greed to be sent a heavenly messenger to warn them of the dangers of greed. Unfortunately for those brothers, they cannot be treated…

Stephen Minister’s Training

Wednesday, October 17 Stephen Ministry at Lakeview UMC will begin a new class for men and women seeking training as caregivers. This training extends for fifty hours, concluding with the commissioning of those who choose to be part of a new group of the lay caregivers we call Stephen Ministers. If you would like more information on how to become a Stephen Minister or receive care from one, please contact Pastor Linda or Pastor Ross at 623.974.5821.  

Presence and Protection

Psalm 91:1-6 At the time of this psalm’s writing, God’s servants are passing through times of sorrow and sadness. They wish the situation could be different or that a way of escape existed. Even today many people wish that life could be different, that there might be a way to escape the major calamities of the day: HIV/AIDS, unemployment, poverty, hunger, war …the list is endless. Yet the psalmist expresses hope and trust in God. In God’s hands he feels…

Healing Drums for Children & Seniors

Healing Drums In 2017-2018, Sun City residents participated in the 300-Drum Project. Residents volunteered to make and paint Native American style 10” hoop drums for Children living in the 30 Maricopa County Group Foster homes. There are 10 children living in each home. Every month on the fourth Friday, two houses, 20 children, participated in a one-hour facilitated drum circle at Lakeview United Methodist Church.  Afterward the children were presented with their own African Djembe or Native American Style drum…

Being a Disciple

Jeremiah 18:1-11 I occasionally  have the opportunity to observe someone making a vase or some other vessel out of clay. I find fascinating the care with which  the person  molds the clay. The potter  or crafts-person is   seldom  pleased  with  the  initial  article  and  reworks  the  clay until satisfied. In the parable of the potter Jeremiah sees God taking simi­lar care in molding the people of Judah .The parable depicts God’s patient and persistent love for the people. God…
African Childern's Choir

The African Children’s Choir

September 5, 2018 The African Children’s Choir performed in the Worship Center on Wednesday Sept. 5, 2018 as a part of the Lakeview Concert Series. These kids were outstanding! If you missed it here is a video of some of what you missed. Next month we are proud to announce that Vicki McDermitt and her jazz ensemble will be performing and promoting their new CD release in the Worship Center, you will not want to miss this one!

Surpassingly! Overaboundung!

Luke 15:1-10 In the movie Saving Private Ryan, a captain leads seven men on a fool’s mission to bring back a soldier from the front lines. Private Ryan’s three brothers have been killed in the war, and an order has come down the chain of command to go and get the last brother so that his mother will be saved the heartbreak of losing all her sons. The captain, reflecting on the dangers, observes, “This Ryan better be worth it.…
On the Shelf

On the Shelf

Welcome to the Betty Barrick Library. We have a couple of books that our readers will like to read! Spring’s Renewal (Book 2) by Shelley Shepard Gray.                        This book was missing from our Seasons of Sugarcreek                           series.  It features the meeting of Tim Graeber who      moves to Sugarcreek to help his uncle with his farm. He soon meets Clara, who is the town’s teacher.  She was                           accidentally burned with bacon grease, which resulted          in a…